Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Bee and a Badminton Racket.

My additional teacher is quite active in sports. I mean, not literally. He's involved in sports activity in school.. Since our school's Sports Day will be held next week, he was a bit busy then. Therefore, he came to our class
around half an hour late. Today's Add Math is 1 hour and half so there's another an hour left.

He started his class by explaining to us why he was late. We're gonna learn a new topic today, which is Probability. As he started to introduce the topic to us, by explaining it with our surrounding, which we really enjoy it cause he is naturally FUNNY & ROCK!

... Until we started to hear a noise. "BUZZZZZ... BUUUUZZZZZZZZZ.."

The whole class became silent. "What's that!?"

Then we saw a huge, huge bee! A bee. My add math teacher was like, "don't diall 999,". Then, my add math teacher, started to talk about his story with that kind of huge bee. 

Here's his story : His father asked him to call their.. (cow? was it? i cant remember, but some sort of animal). So my teacher was excited. Untill he got stung by a bee right in the middle of his eyes, i mean above his nose. Not his eyes. 

And then he explained about his mark on his nose is becase of the bee..

Oh! Then we forgot about the huge, huge bee in our class for a while. The girls start to shout, except me. :P Especially when the bee flies above them. Our class was in chaos!! And guess what!?

Our add math teacher and some of the boys started to chase the bee, holding book with their hand, tried to STRIKE the bee!! My teacher jumped, but the bee managed to failed! My teacher and the boys start to BESIEGE the bee, the bee hit the fan, the bee start to fly panicly, and finally the bee escaped through the window. We all was relieved.

Until he regain his energy and attacj our class back!! The girls started to scream again. This time my teacher went out of the class. The boys continued their fight with the bee. 

Afiq jumped, and STRIKE...!!! His notebook hit the bee. The bee fell on the floor. The bee was "jumping" around the floor, then one of the girl killed the bee using her file. The bee died.

Few minutes later, our add math teacher came back, with..


"Have you guys done the funeral for the bee?"

P/S. The Additional Mathematic in this story is Cikgu Halid, from SAMTTAJ. He is definitely the best add math teacher ever. :)


  1. Anonymous12:07 AM

    "managed to failed" is it just me?

  2. yes, there's a mistake. thanks for reading & noticing it. :D

    P/S. managed to failed = manage to escape.